The Woman Who Went To Space as a Man, written by Maureen Huskey with music composed by Yuval Ron, is inspired by the real life and stories of science fiction writer Alice B. Sheldon aka James Tiptree Jr.. The work investigates the nature of creativity and gender as seen through the life of an unknown woman who takes on the secret identity of a man to become one of the most provocative and politically relevant science fiction writers of her day. Is there truly a 'female voice'? A 'male voice'?

Part fact, part fever-dream, The Woman Who Went To Space as a Man intermixes live music, vignettes, and shifting projected imagery to explore the last moments before Alice leaves Earth in search for a better place “among the stars.” An unexpected stranger thrusts Alice back in time through a prism of earthly memories and desires. Alice encounters her younger selves, her domineering mother, and the incarnation of her male alter-ego: James Tiptree, Jr., who threatens to change her fate. The Woman Who Went To Space as a Man reveals an unconventional pursuit of creativity in order to speak out against a chaotic world and the universal dream of searching for a better life somewhere else.

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